Needs of Kharkiv, Khmelnytsky, Sumy, Chernihiv regions
Needs of Kharkiv region
Priority needs:
-baby food, canned meat and fish, pâtés, canned stews, long-term storage sausages, condensed milk and other long-term food;

-antibiotics, painkillers, insulin, sugar-lowering tablets, hemacons, hemostatic, saline and colloidal syringes, blood transfusion systems, tourniquets to stop the bleeding, etc .;

- animal feed;

-various goods of hygiene;

- equipment and means for the Armed Forces, Territorial Defense Forces and Rescue Services of Kharkiv region: bulletproof vests, radio stations, unloading, tactical first aid kits, tactical gloves, helmets, thermal imagers, drones, knee pads, hemostatic tablets and ampoules, painkillers, tourniquets;

- office equipment to restore work to provide services to the public (computers, laptops, tablets, scanners, printers, batteries for uninterrupted operation, etc.).
Further needs:
- equipment of field hospitals in the region;

-assistance in construction materials and tools for the repair and restoration of housing and the creation of temporary housing for the affected population;

-assistance with equipment and services in demining areas;

-creation of joint scientific and technical centers, using the scientific potential of Kharkiv region to develop the latest information and protection systems;

-support for small and medium-sized businesses through charitable foundations to maintain jobs;

-providing services for physical and psychological rehabilitation for victims in the territory of the State of Israel.
Needs of Khmelnytsky region
For children:
• Diapers (all sizes)
• Mixture for baby food, water
• Wet wipes, hygiene products, baby powder
• Children's clothing, underwear, shoes of all sizes
• Mattresses, blankets
• Baby carriages, cradles
• Toys, pacifiers, baby feeding bottles
• Children's medicines (antipyretics, painkillers, for the gastrointestinal tract)
• Electric kettles
• Chargers
• Hygiene products (toothbrushes, toothpaste)
• Towels, napkins
• Disposable tableware
• Products (canned food, breakfast cereals, cookies, coffee, tea, protein bars, sausages)
• Floor mats
• Sleeping bags
• Blankets
• Electric heaters, blowers
• Diesel generators, gasoline generators
• Thermoses
• Metal utensils for cooking
For the military:
• Body armor
• Helmets
• Drones
• Thermal imagers
• Knee pads
• T-shirts
• Footwear
• Linen
• Walkie-talkies
• Fishing nets
• Thermal underwear
• Flashlights, batteries
• Dry cakes
• Bags
• Balaklavas
• Shovels
• Peacoats
• Tape
• Fire extinguishers
• Raincoats
Additional list of medicine:
• Bandages, bandages (sticky "quick clot")
• Hemostatic drugs
• Exclusive chest seal stickers
• Israeli bandages
• Nasopharyngeal airways
• Shields for eye injuries
• Medical wheelchairs
• Solutions in infusion bags
• Intravenous catheters
• Alcohol wipes
• Knot turnstiles
• Splints "Sam splints"
• Conicotomy kits
• Thermal blankets
• Medical backpacks
• Medical scissors
• Medical gloves
• Adhesive plasters
• Analgesics
• Antibiotics
• Antipyretic drugs
• Blood substitutes
• Preparations for the gastrointestinal tract
• Cardiovascular drugs
• Drugs for blood thinning
Needs of Sumy region
1. Needs assistance in materials and investments to rebuild the destroyed infrastructure, housing, roads, bridges.

2. Conclusion of contracts for production with industrial enterprises of Sumy region.

3. Training, internship of cybersecurity specialists.

4. In the agro-industrial complex of Sumy region there is a need to attract assistance to address the issue of supporting the development of material and technical base of small farms (equipment for milking cows, cooling, storage, processing of milk, meat, vegetables and fruits);

5. There is a need to provide employees of formations and specialized civil defense services of the region with modern means: individual protection of the respiratory system from toxic and hazardous chemicals; special protective clothing; respirators; devices of radiation reconnaissance and dosimetric control, chemical reconnaissance and control; power sources and means of indication for the listed devices; cotton gauze bandages.

6. In order to restore normal conditions for the functioning of infrastructure facilities and the livelihood of citizens, our employees of the State Emergency Service need assistance in demining the territory (specialists, training, facilities).

7. We also need internships for surgeons, orthopedists-traumatologists, anesthesiologists in Israeli clinics to gain best practices in providing quality medical care and resuscitation in martial law.

8. The war has exacerbated and created new problems for our people with disabilities. This situation has developed because some Ukrainian enterprises engaged in the repair and maintenance of rehabilitation facilities have not resumed their work due to Russian aggression. Contracts concluded by enterprises for the provision of technical and other means of rehabilitation are valid, but will be fulfilled by enterprises after the end of martial law. Therefore, we would consider it appropriate to propose to consider the following proposals: acceptance of victims for complex prosthetics with their subsequent rehabilitation, taking into account the nature of human injuries; to consider the possibility of providing high-tech equipment to prosthetic and orthopedic enterprises of Ukraine.
Needs of Chernihiv region
1. Assistance in demining the territory.
The enemy has polluted our land with explosives so much that this year farmers will be able to sow only 70 percent of the fields compared to last year, and citizens will not soon be able to visit forests and recreation areas near water bodies.

2. Rehabilitation and treatment of wounded soldiers of the Armed Forces and the Territorial Defense Forces.

3. Treatment of children who have suffered from armed aggression or who have serious illnesses.

4. Organization of summer recreation for school-age children and student camps.

5. Provision of humanitarian aid in the form of:
- building materials
- special equipment, municipal vehicles, ambulances (a large number of such equipment is either destroyed or stolen by the enemy);
- autonomous power sources (solar power plants);
- autonomous means of Internet access;
- means of transportation for social, medical services, the population in places where public transport (bicycles, electric bicycles) cannot be fully restored;
- medical equipment;
- modular houses for temporary residence of people with damaged or lost housing (in the area of more than 2000 destroyed houses in the private sector. But people often do not want to leave their yards, so the installation of individual modular houses in their own yards could be an alternative search for temporary housing)

6. Assistance in the restoration of critical infrastructure - (electricity, water, heat).

7. Assistance in rebuilding damaged social institutions - schools, kindergartens, hospitals.

8. Design decisions from architectural bureaus and design organizations of foreign countries to restore social and critical infrastructure.

9. Assistance for economic recovery and economic cooperation:
- cooperation of enterprises with branch Associations of business support;
- assistance to enterprises in finding and supplying production equipment on the terms of non-refundable aid / leasing;
- provision of long-term and cheap business loans with deferred maturity / provision of interest-free (preferential) loans;
- involvement of insurance companies to cover the risks and guarantees of liabilities for the return of borrowed funds;
- technology transfer for efficient operation of enterprises, including defense industry.
It is estimated that only 15% of businesses were active during the fighting in March, and about 25% in April, when the aggressor was pushed out of the region. Now companies that have not suffered significant damage are beginning to resume their work, adapting to new conditions
For cooperation and / or partnership, please write:
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