Online conference on the topic: "Ukraine today, as the epicenter of the universe for understanding the need for change in the fundamentals of security."
May 30, 2022, at 12:00 Kyiv time | online
In sight of Russia's current full-scale war against Ukraine, the world has faced a revision of security fundamentals and the establishment of new principles and the creation of new security tools.

The International Research and Education Trust (ISET) is creating an international, long-term project "Security - the basis of peace" which can be joined by security technology experts and political leaders for whom the principles of freedom and inviolability of life are sacred and the concept of peace is a fundamental basis.

For communication, the first stage of the project - "Ukraine today as the epicenter of the universe for understanding the need for change in the security framework", and the second stage - "Strategy for the development of global political and innovative technologies and their impact on security". To receive proposals we offer a website for inclusion in the international working group on the Security-Based Peace project website:

The purpose of the project: to analyze the events and causes of violations of the world security mechanisms in the course of Russia's war against Ukraine with the involvement of a wide range of war veterans, politicians, specialists and security scientists. To propose new security mechanisms and technologies of world order and to investigate their possible impact on the future security situation in the world and specifically in Ukraine and Israel.

Assessing the main directions of the project, we realize that the goals we set for ourselves are quite extensive, but at the same time we understand that now, in times of global change, the opinion of certain groups in Ukraine, Israel and other countries can become strategic to solve global problems.

At the first stage of the project, it is proposed to hold an online conference on the topic: "Ukraine today, as the epicenter of the universe for understanding the need for change in the fundamentals of security."
Among the invitees for participation are The Ambassador of Ukraine to Israel, the Ambassador of Israel to Ukraine, the heads of five regional military administrations in Ukraine, the leaders of the Israeli Knesset, mayors of major Israeli cities, heads of leading Israeli and Ukrainian educational institutions, representatives of Jewish national communities, specialists and experts on security issues, representatives of international charitable organizations, representatives of the media.

During the conference it is proposed to consider the violation of international security norms during Russia's war against Ukraine, demonstration of possible war crimes, genocide of the Ukrainian people and deliberate destruction of Ukrainian housing and social facilities of civil infrastructure, as well as objects of cultural heritage and memory that are also bound to Israel and its people, such as, known throughout the world, the city is a manifestation of the genocide of the Jewish people "Babyn Yar".

The second stage of the project proposes to hold, together with the State of Israel, a scientific conference on promoting mutually beneficial cooperation, which provides:
- mutual interest, including international efforts to combat new security challenges, such as open neighborly hostilities and terrorism, energy security, cyber defense, research and education, the environment, and more.
- strengthen support for the international aspirations and missions of Ukraine and Israel
- in order to prevent crises by the raise of awareness of security developments, in particular in the areas of advanced security technology, security in border areas and ports, the identification and disposal of mines and other explosives, and the humanitarian and social aspects of strategic security goals of Ukraine and Israel.

Also at the second stage it is planned to open grant programs on security technologies. Groups of scientists, research centers, higher education institutions and enterprises take part in the distribution of grants.

With respect and hope for PEACE,
President of the ISET Association G.L. Ioffe

The International Scientific and Educational Trust "ISET" within the framework of the international, long-term project "Security - the basis of peace" has reached a new level - the official platform for interstate dialogue.
In this regard, the representation in the planned forum, which is attended by representatives of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and Israel, is expanding, as well as the date of the conference "Ukraine today as the epicenter of the universe for understanding the need for change in security" is changing to a new date - 30.05.2022 at 12:00, Kyiv time.
I ask security experts to join as well as all of those who wish to reveal the facts of war crimes and genocide of the people of Ukraine in the unjust war of Russia against Ukraine.
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